concert tour

Starting the recording process


This week we can start in earnest to record some of the songs for the CD. Anna - our cellist - comes to London for a couple of days so we will begin with some of the tracks that feature her most - Cloudbusting and Sweet dreams included. We've had fun re-inventing the heavily sequenced synth backing of the Eurythmics track as a cello and piano feature and we feel it works really well and of course the string lines of Kate Bush's Cloudbusting sound great played by a mix of real cello and keyboard. Hopefully you'll agree if you have listened to the montage on our soundcloud!

The solo cello is an important feature of our arrangements as it is such a beautiful and versatile instrument - especially when played by someone as musical as Anna!


Mary Carewe 'in concert'


Mary is a performer with an international reputation as a concert artist. Whether she is belting out James Bond themes with a 70 piece orchestra or singing in more intimate surroundings with a pianist she has the knack of interpreting classic songs by great singers in her own style - but with a respectful nod to the original! The last year or so has seen her perform in the USA, South America, Russia, Australia as well as around Europe and much of the UK.