Joan Armatrading on 'Love And Affection'


With an amazing 42 years of touring and 18 studio albums to her name Joan Armatrading is a true icon of the music business! Her songs and performance style are totally unique. We felt she had to be represented in our show and Mae chose 'Love And Affection' which was Joan's break-through single of 1976.

Joan says of the song: "There’s a line in there that says, ‘I’ve got all the friends that I want, I may need more, but I’ll stick to the ones I’ve got’. Sometimes people get caught up thinking that having lots of friends means they’ve got lots of acquaintances, instead of just a handful of people that they are close to. It’s pretty important and special to have close friends, because you know if anything happens, or you are really down on your luck, there are people there to help you. That’s really what the song is about." From

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